The banks meet these needs only after having verified the essential requirements that announce the performance, supporting with the applicant the signing of a contract which includes all the conditions suitable for carrying out the financial process.

The contract also specifies the amortization times and the pre-established repayment installments of the debt, on which the interest rate already defined at the time of stipulation weighs.

Bank loans can be issued according to various types of financing, as established by the credit company itself: the most common forms are personal loans and contracts on the transfer of the fifth, which facilitate repayment according to procedures facilitating for the customer.

Requesting a bank loan


Currently requesting a bank loan has become very complex due to the financial crisis that is raging across the country, however, it is measured as the most common form of financing as well as the one that has the lowest costs, unlike credit brokers whose income it refers to a higher interest rate applied.

Okay, let me see the content. Okay, let me see the content.

A bank loan can support small amounts or even of a certain consistency, especially when the underwriting of a bank loan is foreseen: the requirements to be forwarded are similar for all shops, focusing on the age of the applicant, his Italian citizenship, an adequate patrimonial situation, if necessary also the sex and the territory of belonging.

Here is a list of banks and financial companies that offer loans

Thanks to the speed of disbursements and the possible customization of contracts, Good Finance loans lead easily and conveniently, deciding on the release of the amounts in complete safety and transparency.

Subscriptions can be made online, by completing a form that ensures immediate analysis of the data sent, on which complete customer privacy is guaranteed: the sum thus released will then be transferred directly to your bank account, and will count on a refund can be made via postal order or bank account.

How to Get a Bank Loan


Depending on the amounts requested, a bank loan can report particular and well-defined negotiations, for this reason, all applications above USD 30,000 show the opening of a mortgage: differently, lesser capital is assigned to more limited negotiations such as loans and personal loans .

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More specifically, bank loans are negotiations decided by the various credit companies on the basis of each request made by a person who has reached the age of majority, who is not properly affected by previous financial problems, in order to facilitate a need for capital according to the affixing of a single signature on the contract.

Thanks to bank loans there is the possibility of obtaining immediate liquidity, thus initiating an amortization plan which, in all simplicity and with the maximum guarantee, will ensure repayment by installments by means of monthly installments within a period established by the contract signed.

The bank loans, given their versatility, can refer to different types of financing, each focused on a different skill and need for credit: with this it is possible to list all personal loans and consumer credit by credit card, in addition there is the assignment of the fifth for all employees and retired persons.

To obtain a bank loan


To obtain a bank loan, special guarantees must be submitted such as the certainty of repayment of the capital and the security of a fixed and indefinite paycheck over time: in the absence of this, however, the loan could still be started, under penalty of an increase in the interest rates. interest in relation to a particularly low supply.

Furthermore , Good Finance loans provide for the application of a TAN that remains fixed for the entire duration of the loan, according to the stipulation of one of the various Credit Lift proposals: Good Finance Classic, for example, takes up the more traditional personal loan, offering amounts ranging from USD 500 to USD 20,000 obtainable in less than 48 hours from the approval of the request submitted.

The Good Finance option, on the other hand, establishes a contract kept under strict control, conceiving the amortization schedule in order to manage all the expenses associated with it: the installments are exact, and can vary only based on the size of the entire debt to be returned.

To get a faster loan there is in store Good Finance Express, which announces a loan that can be released in just 24 hours, suitable for all those urgent and immediate expenses, while with Good Finance great opportunities for all retirees who aspire to sign a contract at their scope.

Finally with Good Finance Plus it is possible to postpone or modify the payment of an installment, also admitting the right to skip a fee per year up to a maximum of three times in case of difficulty.

For urgent needs there is a need for a quick and comfortable loan that Good Finance is able to offer its customers thanks to its many years of experience and the availability of its operators.

Good Finance is the Good Finance package that offers a range of products that are comfortable to receive, transparent in conditions, reliable and safe.

Most suitable solution 


The Good Finance Express loan is the most suitable solution because it allows you to have the amount in your current account in less than 24 hours from sending and approving the request.

Already a few hours after completing the online form, you will receive the contract proposal by email and the customer will only need to sign it and send all the documentation by fax.

For those who are already customers, the maximum amount that can be requested is USD 20,000 while for new customers it is USD 10,000. The fixed TAN is 12.60%, while the APR is 15.00%.


When does a wedding loan make sense?

When does a wedding loan make sense?

Yes, I do – those who say these words have not only decided for marriage, but often also for a large wedding party with all the trimmings. With all the euphoria: The most beautiful day in life is often not exactly cheap. In front of friends and relatives, many newlyweds don’t want to be ripped off. Although marriages are still sparing on a dollarpean comparison: In y, an average of 6,500 dollars is spent on the wedding celebration. In the country it is a proud 27,000 dollars. This was the result of a survey by the cashback portal

But where do you get it from if the money isn’t available after the application? The fathers used to be asked to checkout, but that’s history. Modern bridal couples pay the costs together. If your own savings are not enough, there are basically two different solutions:

  1. Relatives ask: Even if the bride’s father is no longer officially held responsible, he may be willing to contribute something voluntarily.
  2. The wedding loan: With a bank loan, newlyweds remain independent and can fill the financial gaps for a wedding party.

Wedding loan tips: Special repayments and several borrowers

Wedding loan tips: Special repayments and several borrowers

In any case, it is important to get good conditions for the wedding loan and to focus on repayment as quickly as possible so that the young marriage is not unduly burdened with debts.

Special repayment: The turbo for the wedding loan

Make sure that the wedding loan enables you to make special repayments free of charge. Not all loans automatically have this extra on board. With special repayments free of charge, you can include special payments in the loan without having to pay fees to the bank. A faster repayment immediately lowers interest costs and shortens the remaining term of the loan. In this way, unforeseen special income such as salary increases or bonuses can be used meaningfully. If the loan is repaid in full early, the bank may, by the way, charge a maximum of one percent of the remaining debt as prepayment penalty.

Lower interest rates with multiple borrowers

Before you take out the wedding loan, think carefully who exactly you want to be a borrower. Often, the person who has the higher income takes out the loan. But a single borrower can have one specific disadvantage: higher interest rates. The bank is happy when several borrowers are willing to shoulder the remaining debt of the wedding loan, because that reduces the financing risk. Therefore, it usually grants lower interest rates for several borrowers. Even if the second borrower earns much less than the first.

Do not use wedding credit for intentions to buy a house

Where there is a wedding, there is often also construction finance: Many young couples play with the idea of ​​buying their own home. A previously concluded wedding loan can be a hindrance here: the more loans you have on your watch before you have finished building finance, the worse. Even if you use these loans well and regularly – your creditworthiness drops in the eyes of the bank, with which you now want to finance a house or a condominium. That doesn’t mean that you don’t get a real estate loan at all. In concrete terms, however, it can mean that you will be offered lower loan amounts and lower interest rates for mortgage lending. You can then afford less house and have to pay higher installments each month than if you start building construction “without any debits”. If you want to buy a home after the wedding, you should consider alternative sources of money rather than a loan for the wedding. By the way, it is also not possible to help finance the wedding directly through the building finance. Because banks strictly regulate what the money from construction finance is spent for and usually don’t give an okay for it.

To explain a subordinated loan, or also: a subordinated loan, we first go a little further: If you want to buy a property, you usually go to a bank and borrow money as part of a construction loan.

In return for the bank providing you with a comparatively high sum, you pay interest, but the bank would like to receive even more security. In order to give her this security, she is entered in the land register as a creditor with a land charge equal to the amount of your financing. This gives them a so-called “real right to sell” the property, and that is the security mentioned: should you ever become insolvent and your monthly installment payments can no longer be paid, the bank has the right to sell the property for you Getting money back. As a rule, she then initiates a forced auction.

What is the difference between first-class financing and subordinated financing?

What is the difference between first-class financing and subordinated financing?

When you receive your first mortgage, the bank is the first creditor to be entered in the land register. Our land register calculator shows you the costs involved. For example, suppose you want to continue to finance your home while the first one is still running. For example, because you still want to finance an extension. Then the bank that grants you the second mortgage is subordinated to your first bank in the land register. Therefore one speaks of a subordinated loan or subordinated financing.

The second bank also receives security for the money lent through the entry in the land register. If you subsequently become insolvent, this means: First, the first bank may put its real property right into practice, and then the second bank. Because it cannot be said with certainty whether, for example, something remains for the second bank after the foreclosure sale, subordinated financing is associated with greater uncertainty for them. For this reason, subordinated loans are usually more expensive than first-rate financing. The second bank offsets its risk by raising interest rates.

What are the special features of a subordinated loan?

What are the special features of a subordinated loan?

Certain rules apply to subordinated loans. For one thing, the preload must not be higher than the one you want to absorb. On the other hand, the residual debt from the first financing and the new loan amount from the second financing must not exceed the loan maturity of 80 percent. The loan-to-value ratio shows the relationship between the value of the property and the amount of all loans with which the property is encumbered.

Here is another example:

Your property has an object value of 250,000 dollars, then the remaining debt of your first financing and the newly taken up amount of the second financing may not together amount to more than 200,000 dollars. The cultivation that you are planning with the second loan may, however, increase the value of the property and thereby increase this limit. If your property were no longer worth 250,000 but perhaps 280,000 dollars after the extension, the limit for both financing would be 224,000 dollars, which would allow you to raise 24,000 dollars more. It is at the discretion of the second bank to assess whether and to what extent the property value increases as a result of the planned measures.

There are also other variants with which you can give yourself more space for modernization or extensions: for example, the first financing can be increased again if you have already paid part of the debt. Simply speak to our on-site consultants and ask which way is cheaper. The building finance specialists is familiar with the special features of subordinated loans and will show you in person the possible alternatives to subordinated financing.